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"Which latest tools should I learn further to get a high paying testing job? I am a Selenium automated test engineer?"

When looking for and evaluating candidates, I do not really care much about specific frameworks or technologies. These come and go, and their relative worth is generally due to either current fashion or their prevalence at whatever company happens to be offering the job. What I much prefer to see are skills and knowledge that are independent of the tools used.

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"Why are Developer In Test positions skyrocketing in the job market?"

As these roles and the expectations that surround them mature, it will become easier for companies to know what they are looking for, and easier to describe that in a job posting. With more examples to follow, candidates will have a clearer path to prepare for these jobs. Salaries will improve as the value of this work is made apparent, attracting more candidates, and we will see a healthier balance of supply and demand...

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