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MBA for devs: demonstrating ability, commitment, and effort

You will be faced with difficult choices about your priorities and will need to make them correctly, whatever that means for you. Being a graduate student means daily delivery on a commitment that you made when you were better rested and when you idealized the process and experience. Chugging along despite the realities of grad school demonstrates your ability to honor your commitments and work toward a distant goal.

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MBA for devs: a relatively painless path to domain knowledge

We are at the mercy of people who are trying to pre-translate their problems and requirements into a language they think we understand, which dumbs it down just enough that friction is introduced in the form of ambiguity. It’s like lossy compression, in a way, with those compression artifacts showing up in the form of arguments over acceptance criteria.

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A bunch of reasons why getting an MBA can make sense for a programmer

I’ve given it a lot of thought over the years, and I think I have some reasons why getting an MBA as a software engineer makes sense, even if you have no immediate plans to be a manager.

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Blue State Coffee is pretty cool if you can deal with all the presidents

All in all, I'd say the venture rates a 2 out of 10 for getting things done, but a 10 out of 10 for meeting presidents.

We just missed George Clinton too.

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Hard Partyin' Hospital

Check out the bulletin board at Hard Partyin' Hospital!

Occasional drinking :(

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Microsoft Hartford

We learned all in one day that (1) there is a Microsoft office in Hartford; (2) it is less than a block away; and (3) it is awesome:

Microsoft office, get it?

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The Outkube adventure

The Onion published an article about a fake website that is designed to attract jerk commenters away from real websites. I bought the domain name and created the website, getting over 10,000 visits on the first night, and things were amazing and crazy for a couple weeks.

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Get array of file names in a directory (JS/PHP)

Basically, this code goes through a directory on your server and outputs the result to a JavaScript array, $fileslist in this case. As this script is not in production on any of my projects, I'm sure it could be more efficient, but it definitely works; just change the directory referenced by the $dir variable to match your own.

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Wrapping text around non-rectangular shapes

Wrapping text around objects is easy when those objects are rectangles. Everything changes, however, when you want to wrap text around something that isn't.

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Fire a function when a file size changes (jQuery)

Note: there are probably better ways of doing this, even if you accept the premise of the article.

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