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Cannot infer pts for VOBU if there is no audio or video...


Using DVDStyler 1.8.3, encoding fails with the error "Cannot infer pts for VOBU if there is no audio or video and it is the first VOBU."

I imagine that this error can result from a number of different sources, but in my case it was because my source clips were not all the same and did not all have the correct format.

To figure out the problematic clips, scroll the error log up until it mentions an "entry00x.vob" file. Find this file in the temporary folder that DVDStyler is using, in the dvd-cache folder, and run the VOB file with VLC or any other media player capable of reading VOB files (SUPER can do it too). You will then know which clip is creating the issue.

properties menu

Once I discovered which title was giving me a hard time, I went into that title's properties, unchecked the remux box, and set the audio and video formats to match my DVD default. In most cases what was already there looked like it should have worked, but making it explicit in the pull down menu appeared to do something different. Who knows why.

In the end, I had to do this several more times as it kept bombing on different titles, but the DVD finally came out okay.