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Get array of file names in a directory (JS/PHP)

Basically, this code goes through a directory on your server and outputs the result to a JavaScript array, $fileslist in this case. As this script is not in production on any of my projects, I'm sure it could be more efficient, but it definitely works; just change the directory referenced by the $dir variable to match your own.

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Fire a function when a file size changes (jQuery)

Note: there are probably better ways of doing this, even if you accept the premise of the article.

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YouTube gallery with lightbox and captions (PHP)

When I worked at an ad agency we had a version of our TV reel on DVD that I created, categorized by budget. I was then asked to put this version of the reel online, so people could view it that way instead, which was a good idea.

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Moving a Drupal 7 site to a new server

Moving a CMS site built locally, or on a remote test server, to the production environment always presents a bit of a challenge. Drupal is one of the easier ones I can think of, and here's how you do it. This is for D7, since that's what I moved most recently, but D6 should work similarly.

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