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Handling presentation anxiety

Your brain and body have positioned your audience as potential threats and have prepared you to either fight them or run in panic from the room. Since you shouldn't do either of these things, some adjustments are in order.

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Agile new years' resolutions

In much the same way that the Pomodoro method is like miniature Scrum for time management, I find that Scrum can also be used effectively for personal change.

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Resolutions that worked for me: bringing in lunch

If, for you, a turkey sandwich can't compete against General Tso's, then bringing in that sandwich is setting yourself up to fail. So, there are two ways to resolve the problem: either find a way to exclude all those other delicious, convenient options, or make your lunch better. The first way is doomed to fail, because we can rationalize anything when we are hungry. The second way, however, is actually pretty easy, and to illustrate, here are the strategies I've found helpful in doing just that.

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How to turn Udacity lectures into an MP3

My time in the OMSCS program has taught me to take advantage of every opportunity to stay on top of the Udacity lectures that we are responsible for watching every week. To create another avenue for doing this, I looked for a way to convert those lectures into audio files so that I could listen to them as I commute.

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