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Creating stubs in F# for unit testing

One of the most important things to get right with my regexModeler application was the test suite, because I made several breaking changes many times along the way and would have been dead in the water without one. Because of all the random aspects of the program, it was an early challenge to get something for the unit tests to reliably measure. Now, if this is something you need to do too, bear in mind that object expressions can do much the same thing, but the limitation is that you need to define all of the methods for your solution to build. By taking the approach I outline below, you have more flexibility to define just the behavior you need to, while safely ignoring the rest. Also, if you want to take it a step further to add features similar to mocking libraries, you can do that.

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Exit code 4 running xcopy to a network location in post-build step in Visual Studio

Our Visual Studio project contains a build step in which it copies files to a mapped drive, and we got funky behavior after the team upgraded to Windows 10. This behavior basically made it look like the destination wasn't there or that we didn't have access to it.

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Probably a tough sell

If you happen to be enthusiastic about both F# and regex, I have the project for you.

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Microsoft Hartford

We learned all in one day that (1) there is a Microsoft office in Hartford; (2) it is less than a block away; and (3) it is awesome:

Microsoft office, get it?

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